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Testing Axe-Fx II MIDI Connectivity via MIDI-OX (Windows)
Posted by Ryan Buckley on Sep 03, 2014 - 10:13 am

The following steps show how you can test the MIDI connectivity between your Axe-Fx II and your Windows computer.

1. Power on the Axe-Fx II and connect to the computer via USB.
2. Launch MIDI-OX.
3. From MIDI-OX go to Options -> MIDI Devices.
4. Under MIDI Inputs, select Axe-Fx II MIDI In and click OK.
5. From the front panel of the Axe-Fx II, press the UTILITY button and then go to the PRESET tab.
6. From MIDI-OX go to View -> Sysex... A new window will popup.
7. From the new MIDI-OX window go to Sysex -> Receive manual dump... Another window will pop up displaying the number of bytes received.
8. From the PRESET tab on the Axe-Fx II find the DUMP PRESET TO USB option and press ENTER. You should see the number of bytes received in MIDI-OX begin to increase.
9. The preset has finished transferring when the number of bytes received stops increasing. Click the Done button. The MIDI data will be displayed in the lower half of the MIDI-OX window.
10. From the Axe-Fx II press the RECALL button and use the VALUE wheel to select a new preset.
11. From MIDI-OX go to Options -> MIDI Devices.
12. Deselect Axe-Fx II MIDI In from the MIDI Inputs section and select Axe-Fx II MIDI Out from the MIDI Outputs section. Then click OK.
13. From the MIDI-OX window containing the received preset data, go to Display Window -> Send Sysex. This will send the preset back to the Axe-Fx II.

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