Uninstall Axe-Fx II Driver on OSX
Posted by Ryan Buckley on Feb 11, 2015 - 5:01 pm

Before attempting to uninstall the Axe-Fx II "driver" from your Mac computer it is imporant to understand that the Axe-Fx II actually uses OSX's driver.  When you download the OSX "driver" from our website you are in fact installing a set of files that allows the Axe-Fx to renumerate itself as a valid audio device to the operating system.  That being said, you can find these files in /Library/Application Support/Fractal Audio/AxeFxII.  The files are named axefx2load, axefx2load.hex, and axefx2unload.  By removing these files you will successfully uninstall the Axe-Fx II "driver."

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