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Basic Hardware Issues

If you are experiencing an issue with one of our products, you can try the following basic procedures before contacting support. If you've done these things already when you contact us, please let us know.

  • First, always check the obvious: the trouble is almost always a cable, connector, a volume knob setting, or something else very basic.
  • Many problems result from issues with your guitar (fret buzz, induced hum, etc.)
  • If you are experiencing sound quality issues, check your owner's manual for information on how to ensure that you are not clipping the inputs or outputs. If your product has a headphones jack, you can monitor there to compare the signal at the main outs. (If your unit does not have a headphones out, try a different mixer, monitor, amp, etc.)
  • For USB problems, try a different cable (shorter is better), or a different computer.
  • Confirm that the trouble is not related to MIDI/USB/etc. by powering off, removing all external connections, and powering on again. 
  • USB trouble can sometimes be caused by interference of 3rd party devices or drivers.
  • Confirm that the trouble is not caused by the current preset by testing a variety of other presets. We recommend Factory presets for use during troubleshooting. For many of our products, you can perform a special boot sequence to load a clean empty preset. See the "Troubleshooting" section of your owner's manual.
  • Check setup parameters and consider using RESET SYSTEM PARAMETERS.
  • Check for stuck buttons or footswitches as follows: depress and gently move your finger in a circular motion before releasing.
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