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Axe-Edit Time-out Troubleshooting

If you are receiving Axe-Edit time-out messages OTHER than the following you can try the troubleshooting techniques outlined here.

Communication time-out:
Axe-Edit was unable to complete the following communication request: Query device version : query_device_version


Troubleshooting Techniques

  1. Are you running a DAW at the same time as Axe-Edit?
    1. If so, try closing the DAW and see if Axe-Edit begins communication as expected.  Sometimes a DAW will intercept incoming MIDI messages.
  2. Try a different USB cable, preferably a shielded one.
    1. A bad USB cable can cause strange behavior such as random communication time-outs or it may not work at all.
  3. Try a different USB port on your computer, preferably one that is not on a USB hub.  
  4. Under Axe-Edit's Settings->Preferences, deselect AXE-FX II MIDI from the Ports dropdowns and then close Axe-Edit.
    1. Next, reopen Axe-Edit.  If Axe-Edit does not auto-connect go back to Settings->Preferences and select AXE-FX II MIDI from the Ports dropdowns.
  5. Delete Axe-Edit's preferences file.
    1. Windows - C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Fractal Audio\Axe-Edit\Axe-Edit.settings
    2. Mac - /Users/<username>/Library/Application\ Support/Fractal\ Audio/Axe-Edit/Axe-Edit.settings
  6. Do you have other MIDI device drivers installed on your system?
    1. If so, it's possible that the drivers are conflicting.  Try uninstalling all MIDI device drivers then re-install the Axe-Fx II USB driver and see if Axe-Edit begins communicating as expected.
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