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Verify USB Driver installation on Windows

If you are experiencing connectivity issues on your Windows computer use the following steps to check your driver installation.

  1. Under the Start menu go to the Control Panel.  Go to 'Add/Remove Programs' or 'Uninstall a Program' and look for the following entries.  If any of these entries are missing you should uninstall the one(s) that are present, then re-run the driver installer and make sure all three packages are installed.
    1. Fractal Audio Systems USB Audio Driver version v2.23.0.
    2. Fractal Audio Systems USB Driver Package 2014.06.06.
    3. Windows Driver Package – Fractal Audio Systems (axefx2load) USB (05/15/2011)
    4. Also, check and make sure the following file is present C:\Windows\System32\axefx2load\axefx2load.spt.
  2. If the three driver packages and the .spt file are installed use the following steps to troubleshoot.
    1. There is an application in C:\Program Files\Fractal Audio Systems\Axe-Fx II USB Driver\Driver called FASUSBAudioSpy.exe. This program will allow you to verify that the driver has valid MIDI in and out ports. When you run the application there will be a "Device 0" listed in the leftmost pane. Click the plus sign to expand the device and the last two entries should be "MIDI Ports (IN)" and "MIDI Ports (OUT)." 
      1. If "MIDI Ports (IN)" and "MIDI Ports (OUT)" are not present that means the driver is not recognizing the MIDI I/O ports. It's likely that something went wrong during the driver installation.  In this case, uninstall the three items listed in section 1 and re-install the driver.
      2. If "MIDI Ports (IN)" and "MIDI Ports (OUT)" are present that means the driver is seeing the Axe-Fx II MIDI in and out ports. While you have the Axe-Fx II connected, make sure that I/O -> MIDI -> SEND REALTIME SYSEX is set to ALL. With the AudioSpyTool running, pay attention to the "MIDI Parser" section of the MIDI in port. There are 4 entries in that section titled as follows.
        1. INF: Midi messages parsed
        2. INF: Midi bytes parsed
        3. INF: Input buffer max level
        4. INF: Sysex bytes
      3. Open Axe-Edit. It should auto-connect to the Axe-Fx MIDI I/O ports. Once Axe-Edit connects, go back to the AudioSpyTool and see if the "Midi messages parsed," "Midi bytes parsed," and "Sysex bytes" entries in the MIDI Parser section are changing values when tempo messages are received.  If so, the driver is installed properly.  If not, please open a support ticket at
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