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Overview of Re-amping with the Axe-Fx II

The following is an overview of one method in which the Axe-Fx II can be used to re-amp a DI guitar track.

  1. Set the input and output device of your DAW to the Axe-Fx II.
  2. On the Axe-Fx II front panel, go to I/O -> AUDIO and change the MAIN INPUT SOURCE to USB.
  3. Create a new stereo track in your DAW and set the input to 1 and 2.  
    1. 1/2 is the processed stereo signal from the Axe-Fx II.
  4. In your DAW, solo the DI track that you would like to re-amp.  
    1. Make sure it is the only track that is solo'd.
  5. Plug in your headphones to the PHONES jack on the front panel of the Axe-Fx II then play your DI track and make sure that the input LEDs on the Axe-Fx II light up and that you're hearing the processed signal in the headphones.  
    1. You can adjust the level of the DI signal within the DAW to taste.
  6. While the DI track is playing, check the level on the new stereo track in your DAW to ensure that the processed signal is being received.
  7. Record the re-amped track.
  8. Switch the MAIN INPUT SOURCE (under I/O -> AUDIO on the Axe-Fx II) back to ANALOG (IN 1) and you can listen back to the re-amped track using the Axe-Fx II as the output audio interface.  
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