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Windows Device Manager Housekeeping

Steps to enable the option and clean the Device Manager:
* In the START menu of Windows type "view advanced system settings" and select the option with the same name.
* The System Properties window will open.  On the Advanced tab select the                  "Environment Variables..." button on the bottom right.                                
* In the "Environment Variables" dialog click the "New..." button under the "User variables" and add the following information.                 * Click OK to close all the dialogs.
* Open the Device Manager. 
* From the "View" menu select "Show hidden devices"
* Expand the "Sound, video and game controllers" tree node. You will see one or more greyed-out options.  Each one is a unique entry for a device that was plugged into a USB port but is either no longer plugged in or is turned off.                                * Be sure to turn off the connected Axe-Fx II, AX8, or FX8.
* One-by-one, right-click on any entry with "Axe-Fx II" in the title and selected                  Uninstall. IMPORTANT: Do not choose "Delete the driver software".  We want to keep the driver so that when the device is turned on it will reinstall itself.                                         * Also expand the "XMOS USB 2.0  Audio Devices" node (if available) and Uninstall any   Axe-Fx II device found.                                                                                                                                   * Once all entries have been removed, turn the Axe-Fx II, AX8, or FX8 back on. Windows will display a popup bubble from the System Tray informing that the driver is being installed. Communications should resume as normal (or at the very least no worse than before) once installation completes.            
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