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Firmware UpdateUpdated 10 months ago

Firmware is like the operating system of your Fractal Audio product. It is tracked using version numbers like 1.00, 2.00, etc. We ship our products with the latest firmware versions installed. 


Our free utility Fractal-Bot is used for firmware updates. It can also be used to back up your presets, user cabs, and system settings prior to updating. Fractal-Bot is built-in to our latest editors including Axe-Edit III, FM9-Edit, and FM3-Edit, or can also be run as a standalone program available from

Fractal-Bot automatically checks for any available firmware updates and walks you through the update process. Prior to updating, it also displays the Release Notes which list everything that is new or changed as well as any important information you may need to know before proceeding. Please take time to read the release notes.

A YouTube Video covers how to update firmware using Fractal-Bot

You can also use Fractal-Bot for manual updates by downloading the latest firmware for your product in the SUPPORT: Downloads menu of Every firmware download also comes with an included Firmware Update Guide and the important Release Notes. Please take time to read these.


On the Axe-Fx III, FM9, and FM3, You can check your version any time by pressing the SETUP button (Push-knob E) on the Home page. The version is displayed at the top of the Setup menu. 

Older products typically display the current version on the last page of the "Utility" menu.

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