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Before emailing support, please check the articles in our knowledgebase. For product evaluation or repair outside the USA or Canada, please contact the dealer for your region, listed on our web site at:

Support Basics

If you're experiencing issues with one of our products, this basic guide will help you troubleshoot common problems before you contact our support team. First, always check basic things: problems often arise from a faulty cable, connector, volume kno

Warranty and Repair

What are the terms of the warranty?. We offer a 1-year warranty on our products. A hard copy was included with your product. An online reference can be found at What does the extended warranty option

Firmware Update

Firmware is like the operating system of your Fractal Audio product. It is tracked using version numbers like 1.00, 2.00, etc. We ship our products with the latest firmware versions installed. UPDATES. Our free utility Fractal-Bot is used for firmwar

Reset System Parameters

Our products include a utility called Reset System Parameters. This utility sets all system settings back to factory default values. It completely resets or erases all Global Settings, I/O settings, MIDI settings, FC-related settings including Layout

USB Troubleshooting and Testing

USB issues can be challenging but there are some basic steps that can be used to diagnose and potentially resolve many problems. USB involves a number of different elements: your computer, the cable, your Fractal Audio device, possible drivers, your

Unwanted Noise, Hum, Buzz, Crackles, Distortion

The most common source of unwanted noise is external interference. A range of elements, including electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RF), ground loops, nearby cell phones, computers, dimmer switches, and numerous other

Recovery Routines

In case your unit will not boot normally, the Axe-Fx III, FM3, and FM9 have several built-in recovery routines. Depending on your situation, the following can help you get things working normally again. Mishaps during firmware updates are rare but ca

How to Resolve Dyna-Cabs Not Installed or Incorrect Version

If your Axe-Fx III, FM9, or FM3 is displaying the error message, "Dyna-Cabs Not Installed" or "Incorrect Dyna-Cab File Version" this indicates that your unit requires a DynaCab™ installation or update. First, download the DynaCabs File. Axe-FX III:ht

Using Fractal-Bot

Fractal-Bot is an application for Mac or Windows computers which enables you to easily send and receive data to and from your Fractal Audio Systems products. It’s small, lightweight, and extremely easy to use. The following video and diagram cover th

Windows Driver Installation Tips

The follow general advice may be helpful if you have problems attempting to install our drivers to a PC running Windows.

Mac OS Audio MIDI Setup Utility

If you're having trouble connecting your Fractal Audio product via USB to a computer running Mac OS, creating a new Audio MIDI configuration can eliminate some issues that can cause problems. Note: Before you perform these steps you should check our

How to reset Axe-Fx III, FM9, or FM3 to a "factory fresh" condition

The following steps will reset your Axe-Fx III, FM9, or FM3 to factory fresh condition. Note that you can use Fractal-Bot to back up any custom presets or cabs before using these steps. • Axe-Fx: • FM9:

Missing Cab Pack Purchases

Cab-Lab 4's built-in Cab-Pack Manager authorizes and downloads DynaCab Packs purchased from Cab-Pack Manager needs an active Internet connection, to verify purchases. It offers two authorization methods:. If you're unable to re

Windows Device Manager Housekeeping

If you’re encountering issues with USB audio performance on a Fractal Audio device under a Windows operating system, the problem can sometimes be related to Windows Device manager  duplication. This guide helps find and remove unwanted hidden devices

Fix no audio in Cab-Lab 4 'Software Live Mode' under Mac OS

Cab-Lab 4 uses Mac OS system audio to perform Software Live Mode auditioning. This allows you to hear mic and mix changes in real time, replicating how the process of miking an amp works with analog gear. Software Live Mode requires an audio interfac

Routing AxeFx III Computer Audio to Out 1L/1R and Out 2L/2R

This article covers different ways to route stereo computer USB audio playback to Out 2 (L and R) of the Axe-Fx III. It also details a method to route computer USB stereo audio playback to Axe-Fx III Out 1 (L and R) and Out 2 (L and R) at the same ti

Tips for Setting Preset and Scene Levels

Musicians face an almost universal challenge of getting levels “right.” Audiences, bandmates, and live sound technicians expect a degree of consistency when you present your sound during a performance. Fractal Audio products give you excellent contro

Cab-Lab 4 Default Installation Paths and Files

The following information is provided for those who may want to manually uninstall Cab-Lab 4.