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Missing Cab Pack PurchasesUpdated 9 months ago

Cab-Lab 4's built-in Cab-Pack Manager authorizes and downloads DynaCab Packs purchased from 

Cab-Pack Manager needs an active Internet connection, to verify purchases. It offers two authorization methods:

  • Account Login: Enter your email address and password associated with your account on This provides access to all DynaCab purchases linked to your account.
  • Order Lookup: Retrieve any individual purchase by inputting the order number and the email address associated with that order. If a Cab Pack purchase seems absent from your account, it might have been bought using the guest checkout feature. Interestingly, this discrepancy can arise even if the same email was employed for various orders. To find purchases made via guest checkout, click on "Order Lookup."

If you're unable to retrieve your purchase using the methods above, kindly send an email to [email protected], ensuring that you use the email address associated with the placed order.

Special Note: Legacy Cab Packs (without "DynaCab" in their name) do NOT require Cab Pack Manager and will not be found in any order lookup. However, you can manually download these legacy Cab Packs. Once downloaded, access your files in Cab-Lab 4 using "Single IR Mode" or by dragging and dropping individual files straight into Cab-Lab.

Cab Packs Appear Automatically when they are either found under your account or using Order Lookup.

If an order does not appear under your account, you can look it up using your email address and order number.

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