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How to Resolve Dyna-Cabs Not Installed or Incorrect VersionUpdated a minute ago

If your Axe-Fx III, FM9, or FM3 is displaying the error message, "Dyna-Cabs Not Installed" or "Incorrect Dyna-Cab File Version" this indicates that your unit requires a DynaCab™ installation or update. 

First, download the DynaCabs File 




Next, Install the update:

  1. Update Fractal-Bot: First, ensure that you have Fractal-Bot version 3.0.18 or newer. You can download it from our web site at or use the version of Fractal-Bot built into the latest editor for your product.

  2. Launch Fractal-Bot and send the DynaCabs file.
    • Make sure Fractal-Bot is in SEND mode (top buttons).
    • For Step 1 in Fractal-Bot, SELECT your device.
    • For Step 2 in Fractal-Bot, BROWSE to the DynaCab file .syx file contained inside the zip you downloaded (above).
      Tip: You can drag and drop the file into the field on step 2.
    • For Step 3 in Fractal-Bot, press BEGIN to transmit the file.

  3. Wait and Reboot: When the file is finished sending, you will be instructed to reboot your device. Make sure to follow this instruction so the changes can take effect.

By following these steps, you can install the latest DynaCab version, and any warning or error messages should no longer appear.

If the error message is cleared from your hardware, but the DynaCabs do not appear in the cab block in your editor, please update to the latest version of Axe-Edit, FM9-Edit, or FM3-Edit. and choose Refresh After New Firmware from the editor's Settings menu. 

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