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Warranty and RepairUpdated a year ago

What are the terms of the warranty?

We offer a 1-year warranty on our products. A hard copy was included with your product. An online reference can be found at

What does the extended warranty option add?

The extended warranty extends coverage to a total of 3 years from the date of original purchase.

I did not add the extended warranty when I purchased my unit. Can I purchase it now?

Yes, you can purchase the extended warranty at any point during the original warranty period. However, it's crucial to note that the extension period starts from the original product purchase date, rather than from the date that the Extended Warranty was added. 

Is the warranty transferrable?

In the USA and Canada, our warranty is non-transferrable. It is extended only to the original purchaser. Units purchased used or second-hand are not covered. 

Other authorized dealers have their own policies concerning this. Please check with whomever your original purchase was made from. 

If I ordered in the USA/Canada, where is my warranty valid?

Our warranty for units sold in the USA or Canada applies only to products owned in the USA and Canada. Units that are exported to other countries are not covered.

Who services the warranty for units purchased from an authorized Fractal Audio dealer outside of the USA or Canada?

The warranty for any official dealer must be serviced by that dealer. 

I don't have a warranty. Can I still get service?

Absolutely! We're here to support you, and we are committed to offering support, repairs, and other services for any of our products, no matter when or where they were purchased. Please be aware of some important factors:

  • In cases on non-warranty service, you will be responsible for the cost of all parts, labor, and shipping both ways.
  • We can only ship a completed repair via UPS to an address in the United States or Canada.
  • There can be instances when certain parts needed for repair are no longer available. Manufacturers sometimes discontinue components, and in these cases, it may unfortunately become impossible to repair older products. We do our best to maintain a supply for as long as we can. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Our global dealers are sometimes willing to work with customers who do not have a warranty, and are in such cases entitled to charge a fee for their services.

How much will a repair cost for a unit that is not covered by warranty?

Repair costs can range from "no charge" up to the full cost of a given unit. We cannot estimate the cost for a given repair until a unit can be inspected in our service center. A minimum fee covers evaluation and many small repairs. Your RMA will contain additional details. 

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